HDR Video and Phillip Bloom

I’m one of the few photographers that likes HDR photography. When HDR was at an all time high, as far as interest in it goes, people quickly started to slam it for it’s over-use and that eventually led to hordes of people simply disliking HRD altogether. When a nice new pretty technique is found and everyone wants to try it, it will get “over-used” just because EVERYONE wants to try it. Now, combine HDR with time-lapse photography. I had always wondered if it were possible, what kind of workload would go with it…but I stopped there, wondering.

Well, Phillip Bloom didn’t stop there, he actually put together a few HDR tone-mapped time-lapses which got some great attention. He didn’t discover it, but he has certainly implemented it in a way that makes it look nice.

He goes on to say that he won’t be doing a time-lapse for a while…but that ‘while’ didn’t last too long. He did a quick HDR while on vacation I believe.

Not as good as the first one, but far less data and work-intensive, done for fun.

Check out his website for more details on the gear he used and his workflow. His is not the only workflow but it’s certainly worth a try.

Phillip Bloom’s Website