Takarazuka Gardens

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Last summer my wife and I took an unexpected trip to the botanical gardens in Takarazuka. All I had on me was my GoProHD….so I went to work.

Although GoProHD now sells an LCD for their cameras, in order to more properly compose your shots, I didn’t have it back then. Everything really was guess work. The scenes are a bit long and not much is really happening. It was one of those films I put together for family to watch but recently some friends have commented on it. Such a little camera can deliver such nice video…and while it’s nothing compared to the Canon 1DMiv, for a camera that I carry around in my pocket or throw in my bag, it does the job when you’ve got nothing else or just don’t want to lug around the big guns.

Check out GoPro @ GoPro Website

The music for this was from Pogo : Check out Pogo’s Youtube Channel for more trippy music.