Announcement: Nikon D600 just shy of the $2000.00 prediction

Well, it was almost sub $2000.00, coming in at $2100.00 for the body only. This is suppose to be the ‘entry level’ full-frame camera for Nikon lovers. From the specs it looks to be the little brother to the mighty D800.

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So what is interesting so far about this camera (Another one I need to get my hands on):

The 24mp sensor is a newly developed sensor. So how will it stand up to the rest of the Nikon lineup?
With the sensor being 24mp how will it’s high (6400) ISO perform in low light scenes?
Will the newly developed sensor deal with moire and aliasing in video mode?
How will the AF stand up against it’s competition?

Nikon gets their sensors from Sony so the ‘newly developed’ sensor is probably (This is opinion based on history) the same as the sensor going into the new Sony A99. That said, Nikon and Sony have different guts to pull images from the sensors and Nikon has a good track record of getting more bang for your buck in this department. As for the high ISO performance, with many cameras now being able to shoot 6400 ISO with little noise in the image, I’m sure that the D600 will fall nicely into this group. Pixel peeping to be done at a later date :)

The DSLR cameras are also being bought up by cinematographers and thus the importance of moire and aliasing. The D800 was horrible in this department (As was the D4) but perhaps we can see something new (ie. no moire/aliasing) out of the new sensor. Could happen…but what’s kind of disappointing is that there is no 1080p at 60fps for all of us slow-motion enthusiasts. Still only 720p for 60fps.

Finally, the AF system. Is it the same as the D7000? Is it improved? Will all this make for a great way for D7000 users to toss out their old cropped camera for this new entry level full-frame camera? Time will tell. I can’t wait to see what everyone will do with this bad boy coming into play. Makes me wonder if Canon has something up their sleeve what with Sony and Nikon introducing some pretty interesting additions to the photography world.

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