Cinetics at it again: CineMoco

They’re back with CineMoco:
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Last year I backed Cinetics on KickStarter for their Cineskates. The Cineskates were a great and cheap way to get some nice movement for video or even time-lapse. Now I’ll admit, sitting around making small adjustments for a nice sliding time-lapse just wasn’t for me. I used my Cineskates as a table dolly or if I had a flat surface, a floor or a wall, I could pull off all sorts of nice shots without having to lug around my much heavier (And I’ll admit, much smoother) Atlas 10 from Cinevate.


(Atlas 10)

But now Cinetics, the company that brought us the Cineskates and a variety of other products that followed, are asking people to back a new project on their KickStarter campaign to get CineMoco out for us to have some fun with. The new system is a motor controlled dolly and slider which allows us to make those little adjustments in movements without actually have to have our hands on the camera. This is great since our hands/eyes won’t really be able to pick up any of those imperfections in movement and we only find out once we’ve got our information on the computer at home, unless you bring one with you in the field.

Now, how well this works and how accurate the adjustments are still remain to be seen. Personally, I will not be backing this one simply because I have my money tied up in other equipment wants and needs. However, if I were in the market for a motorized dolly, this would fall right into a nice price bracket where I’d be happy to shell out the money. Other systems are in the 1000’s of dollars. I personally can’t wait to see what some of the creative ways people end up using this new invention from Cinetics will be.

Check out their KickStarter page and be one of the first to get your hands on a CineMoco. As I’m writing this, there are 95 left of the 100 that are set to ship in October. The rest will have to wait until next year.

Or just check out their video right here: