Video: Trying (not) to sleep

On my way into Osaka yesterday I sat in front of a young lady who was looking pretty dazed and confused while people were shuffling on and off the train. I took out my Galaxy Nexus to play some Angry Birds when I caught her doing what I’ve seen a million times. I call it a kind of ‘sleep tag’. On this occasion it was just one person playing it on her own, but fun to watch nonetheless. They try to get a little shuteye but as soon as they close their eyes their heads start to bob from side-to-side. I’ll admit, I’ve done the same thing and I doubt I’ve met anyone in Japan who hasn’t. That said, I’m always surprised at how they are able to wake up just in time to get off the train as the doors are closing…kind of like spidey senses that don’t work as fast.

A common scene on the Japanese railway systems. It's always amazing how out of it they are until they arrive at their station, then suddenly, like spidey senses, they wake up and manage to get off the train just before the doors close behind them.

Music: Chionese Song by Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon (

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