Canon launches three new lenses

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Here it is on DP Review

I can’t tell you how long many of my photography buddies have been talking about Canon would ‘soon’ be coming out with an upgrade to the Canon 24-70mm F2.8 with. Now it’s here as the Canon 24-70mm F2.8 II USM…(Soon anyways). It promises a better build quality in a smaller package and better optics. Read the review at DP Review for more information on how all the optics work.

No clue as to what the street price will be, but it will certainly bring down the price of the older version by some. I’ll wait and see whether or not the optics add anything special that would make it worth upgrading.

Additionally, Canon has announced 2 non-L prime lens updates, the Canon 24mm and 28mm F2.8 primes. These two bad boys will come with IS (Image Stabilization). Some may ask ‘why’ for such wide lenses would you want stabilization? The answer would be that some of us would like to be able to take some low light shots indoors without adjusting the aperture or ISO settings. The unfortunate side to this is that you will have to PAY for that IS. Again, not sure what the prices are going to be but I’m happy that Canon is working on non-L lenses for those of us on a budget.