New Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera is HERE…soon (Update)

The Nikon D4 has been announced. Let’s take a look at what we know about the FX-format 16.2-megapixel CMOS Sensor and other ‘stuff’ we get with this beast.

For photography: Things that I look forward to trying out on this, as far as what’s been announced, first and foremost is the 51-point auto-focus system. The way it has been touted is as if you have two choices, to cast it out like a net (For subjects in motion) or to concentrate on one focus point (When shooting more controlled environments). For studio work I don’t really need to worry that much about auto-focus since I’m in a controlled environment, but when shooting at an event where people are constantly on the move, that ‘net’ had better live up to what might well be a 6000 USD camera (Although now word on prices yet). Also there is the ‘enlarge images up to 46X’ ability. Getting in there to see if you’re right on the mark as far as focusing is concerned. Not that big a deal for some, but for others (Perhaps those not tethered to a computer while shooting) it’s great. ISO ranges are said to be as low as ISO 50 to the high of ISO 204800 equivalent. How well this ranges will work we can only know after someone out there puts it to the test, but knowing Nikon, I have a feeling it will outdo it’s predecessor.

For video: So far all I’m curious about is how well the codec stands up against the rest of the DSLR market. Have they caught up to Canon in anyway shape or form? I see the options of shooting full 1080p at 30fps and 24fps but nothing yet on 60fps and whether it will be at 1080p or 720p (Here’s hoping for 1080p because that would killer for slow motion work). And as with the photography portion, I’m curious as to how the noise will be handled when bumping it up. The ability to adjust volume and a mic jack (Something we’ve been waiting for on the Canon’s) is also an interesting addition, and a very welcomed one at that. And of course, no more 12 minute limit on video capture. That’s going to be EXTREMELY important for event cinematographers. Now we just need some video samples to see what the codec is like…

There certainly is more to the camera than what I just mentioned, but these are what I hope to get to first. Then move on to other aspects of the camera. The fact that it is weather sealed makes it great for those extreme conditions, but just how extreme can we get. Stuff like that is what will be next on my list of many ‘Can it…?’ list.

UPDATE: The first video from this wonderful camera. Remember to click on the 1080p option to watch it in it’s full glory!

And Jared Polin had a sniff of the upcoming camera and goes into some of what he learned from his 30 minutes or so of talk time with a Nikon rep and some hands on with the camera. Sit back and grab a sandwich or something because he’s got a lot to cover: