Working on new blog…(tough days and weeks)

I haven’t been on here for several weeks. I celebrated my 33rd birthday, I took care of some pestering health issues, work was busy (June Brides, rainy season) and so on. BUT what I’ve been doing most when I’m at my computer is working on a new, easier to navigate, more stylish blog. I’m really trying hard to work through all the kinks in it. I can’t say when it will be ready because my CSS skills aren’t where they should be. I’m more of an HTML person but the nice blog style template that I got (And now need to customize) looks and feels great in demo mode, but I’m having problems getting it to work and integrated with this blog. Hopefully, in the next couple of months, it’ll be up and running. For now, here’s a look at how I celebrated my 33rd…with friends.

Shot on the Panasonic TM-750
60fps converted to 24fps
Edited in Premier Pro
Roto tooned
export as 12fps

Music: Pogo

I used the TM-750 because I didn’t want to pass around my Canon 1Dmark4 around the table. I decided to have some fun with the edit in order to add more of how I felt during the soiree. Rototooning is nice if it’s not a long movie in my opinion. It all depends on what the content is I suppose. In this case, friends and family celebrating a child’s birthday. A 33 year old child.

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